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Thanks for getting this forum for public comments up and running. I hope people will use it to have thoughtful discussion. 

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OUT AND ABOUTIndividuals For Justice was out and about starting with Tuesday protesting outside of City Hall for an hour during lunch time.  Our protest at this time was directed towards char-lie-the-hales.  We had some fun and a few people expressed support, most smiled at our signs which had the theme of “Anyone But char-lie-the-hales.”  We stood alone on Tuesday and would like to see some people join us to annoy the dictator in City Hall.  I was going to the Keaton Otis memorial but once again fell ill and had to miss that event, I thought of Keaton during the scheduled time at 6:00 PM and wondered why no cop has answered for his murder.  Our next stop was one of being nice to the members of the city council but with a warning.  They have all joined the 15 per hr. campaign, but there are thousands of workers who do not qualify under the resolution/ordinance passed by the council.  So, it is good what they did, but not to pay any worker at least 15 per hr. is madness.  We went to lunch with some noble folks and then headed back to the council for the consideration of the demolition of the Washington Park reservoirs.  Now what happened next is what we all should do, the environmentalists took on char-lie-the hales and it was wonderful to watch.  There was no doubt what the council was going to do; they are hell bent on destroying these magnificent reservoirs for underground tanks, why?  Well, the main reason seems to be money, money for all the developers and contractors in the area.  We imagine that the final cost will approach or exceed 1 billion in gifts to the council’s buddies.  They say they must cover the reservoirs; that is a lie!When they started to vote one noble and brave person stood and yelled, NO, NO! and security moved toward him to tell him to sit down.   I got up on the other side of the room and yelled, No, No and then to my delight the room stood and yell NO, NO!  The mayor banged his gavel over and over again; we yelled louder, char-lie-the-hales recessed the meeting and went to his room.  A wonderful moment for me happened as he was leaving I yelled, “Go to your room mister and think about what you did and come back to apologize.”  We held the council chambers for an hour; the 5 shits returned about 3:00PM and held a vote, 5-0 for demolition of the reservoirs.  The yelling continued even during a presentation of the auditor.  I was scheduled to talk on this item and in the middle of this demonstration Dan Handelman and I took to the table to offer our opinions and concerns about the independence or lack of any independence of the IPR. The demonstration was over at that point.  Think char-lie-the-hales is pissed at me.  It was a time!http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2015/05/protesters_again_disrupt_portl.htmlThe last thing we attended was the COAB meeting; this was not a good time.  It was my birthday, and at 73 I wanted to be present and listen to them do their work.  What we got was a presentation for 90% of the meeting by the DOJ.  I did get 2 minutes to address the COAB and asked a simple question, why do you exist and spend lots of money on advising the COCL and the mayor.  No answer?  My point is this, if the Chicago gang or COCL is going to present items from the COAB and the COAB’s main function is to gather info from the citizens and pass it on after they have a vote of the 20 members, why do we need the COAB? Why not have citizens talk directly to the COCL.  There are good and noble people on this COAB committee, our concern is that it will be all process and little change.  We shall see, if you have not attended one of their meetings you should; there was one bright moment. Bob Joondeph, Executive Director of Disability Rights Oregon, gave a passionate presentation and made one point that we liked, where are the people who are served by this committee when it comes to mental health?  We have often criticized the city for not having the very people they are trying to serve on the committees.  You need people who suffer the pains of going through the system; it is the same for mental health as it is for the homeless/houseless.  Seems like a “No brainer” for us, but then politicians may have heads without brains.  All in all it was worth going for a few reasons, first to make contact with the members of the committee; we know some of them and like them but it is important they hear from us even if only for two minutes.  The second reason is we offset the number of staff from DOJ, Portland Police, city, county, city attorney, district attorney and the rest of the shills that are paid to attend and talk to the committee informally and formally.  Our presence may not balance the books, but it helps to hear, “What the hell are you doing.”  When we speak it allows citizens the courage to say what they want to say.  So, they attempted to waste our time, but being one Irish activist I made the best of things.  Roberto and I left with the sense that it was as El Chicano would say, *“Kabuki.”The best part of the week was yet to come; we were going to rent one of the famous doors at R2D2.  This came about because of a chance meeting with our noble warrior for peace, Malcolm from Veterans For Peace.  Malcolm was on his way to rent one of the doors that act as the perimeter of R2D2.  The way it works, make a donation from your organization and you can have the use of the door for 1 year.  Your name can go up along with anything that has to do with homeless/houseless or other issues approved by R2D2.  I thought this was a wonderful idea, we can support R2D2 and get some notice for IFJ—win-win.  So Friday I went down and reserved a door, asked one of the local artists to do the painting and we are set to join VFP on the 20th for the unveiling of the doors.  Those who contributed to our door will have their names put on the door also, I just love this idea.  If you want your name on our door contact me and I will work to get it on, there is a donation to R2d2 as this is a fundraiser.  That was the best time for me, I love what R2D2 does, warts and all.  They have done so many good things that I am energized just by being around them, they are our heroes!Well I do go on----Stay safe my friends and share what you have, it makes me smile. I am hearing a rumor that char-lie-the-hales wants to exclude me again and will make a move against me soon.  If that happens I will take my bull horn outside of the city hall on the streets and hold my own meeting.  I was not leading the protest last Wednesday but I was loud and proud.  http://IndividualsForJustice.com    * traditional Japanese popular drama performed with highly stylized singing and dancing; pure entertainment and fancy.     

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Thanks for not giving up on us yet. The last meeting was training on the Settlement Agreement, something we should have gotten long ago to keep us from wasting so much time. We need to better figure out how to do so many things in working sessions but still leave time to listen to you with the respect you deserve. Walt from the Occupy Elders is helping us. any ideas you share, I will make sure we use them To do better!

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 The Corruption of COABJune 11, 2015Last night was my 3rd meeting of the COAB, (Community Oversight Advisory Committee) and my last participation/attendance to this charade.  I gave it 3 meetings or gatherings of the city employees with attendance by the good volunteers who do want to change the way our police deal with us on the streets.  The COAB has now become the step-son to the COCL, Compliance Officer/Community Liaison, and the chances of COAB doing anything of significance is almost 0.  The city has too many shills in attendance, and the police non-voting members are irritating at the very least.  Normal, everyday citizens do not have a prayer of influencing the committee.  One of the reasons I am so sure about my evaluation is the way citizens who want to offer testimony are treated, and remember the saying, “Get in the back of the bus?”  The first meeting of the COAB was exciting and challenging, there were hundreds of people who turned out to offer their assessment of the problems we have with the police, there was an explosion when we had to sit through over 90 minutes of PR put on by the police department how wonderful they were/are and will be; it was awful.  The good judge, committee chairperson, resigned the next day.  The second meeting there was announcements that the committee had heard the cries of frustration and things would be different, and they were.  People got to talk and the committee listened, but we had gone from hundreds of citizens down to maybe 50, I was sad.Last night I could locate only a few, less than a dozen citizens who came to hear what the committee was doing, once again after 90 minutes of taking care of recommendations by sub committees and others, I left because if they continued on the path of what they were doing citizen’s involvement was going to be near the end of the 3 hours allocated.  I believe the main function of the COAB is to gather and record information coming from the citizens at large.  The COAB should pass on that information to the COCL and in turn, it should be passed up to mayor and chief of police for action or be rejected.  The oversight should come in to play by evaluating what the Portland Police Bureau, (PPB,) is doing to implement the settlement agreement; this is the main function of the COAB.  Last night was a strong indicator the “Inmates are running the asylum.”  The city and cops are leading this committee around by their nose, in our opinion.  There are members of the committee who are cops, there are members of the city attorney present to “Help” out with legal matters, and there are members of the mayor’s staff present because they can be present.  So what you have is the inmates directing the reformers on how to change things for the better; what could go wrong here?  Remember the cops and the city are the bad guys in this agreement, and the city is the actual defendant in the settlement.  So would it be any different to ask a rapist to sit on a committee to decide the appropriate sentencing for rape?  Maybe the rapist has some good ideas about dating, but who wants to listen to them?  Why would we have a committee charged with overseeing the settlement agreement, being led by the defendants in the case?  A good indicator was last night, when you make citizens wait through 90+ minutes of boring recommendations that they only see a summary of, you are sending a message, get in back of the bus!  I will not be returning, sad because last night I was signed up to testify but could not sit on those metal chairs for another minute, my butt was sore and when my butt hurts---it is time to leave!I like many of the people on this committee and had great expectations on how they would proceed, but by next year at this time I predict we will have lost most of the committee members and I see the beginning of the end to this endeavor.  After 5 years and about 30 million in expenditures, it will be a failure and the seeds of its demise are apparent if one wishes to look.  I hope, like any activist I am wrong, because it would mean things are not as bad as I think, and that would be good.  I don’t think so, “The game is afoot” and that master of all politicians, Char-lie-the-hales is present by his minions and failure is almost assured.  I will submit suggestions from afar, but going to any more of these meetings is not just a waste of time, it is not healthy.                

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If one committee  person is paid for attending meetings, all should receive pay and allowances.  I understand there are limitation on reimbursements but the committee should not be on a two tier system. If I had the fortitude to remain last night I would have testified about the sweeps the police have been doing last week.  We have now been in this settlement long enough to understand that the police have not changed their ways.  What I am witnessing is the committee working on process and we lost at least two people (Dead) because of the sweeps.The other item I would have talked to is the scheduling of citizens giving their reports or advise about how the police should treat us in the streets.  Putting the testimony almost last or after more than an hour is an insult to the very people you say you want to hear from, you finally wore me out and I will publish both suggestions and demands but will not return to your meeting.  I want this committee to succeed, I want you to have a lot of influence with the PPB, and will help where I can, but it became difficult for me to watch this sausage being made and have to do it for afar.     

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